Friday, February 18, 2011

we're home

 I brought my camera with me to my mom's to take before and after pictures of the basement painting process.  Only thing is I left the picture card at home in the computer.  When we left yesterday I left the camera there.  Ok well then. 
We painted the room "hickory" it's a Martha Stewart color, actually we color matched the paint to that color, Canadian Tire doesn't carry Martha.  I just tried to find the color on the Martha Stewart paint site but for some reason the hickory color there isn't the same color we used.  The color is kind of a tan /khaki...I love it.  I have mostly tan  (and blue) in my own house.  Colors I love living in.  I'm not a believer in the "beige is not a color" anti-beige decorating thing. 

side note on color...I love this blog- it's a virtual Ode to Blue !

My oldest daughter came and was an awesome partner in painting.  She is a really hard worker and is thorough, so there is no need for over-seeing, I just point her in the direction.  We are going back on Sunday and Monday (family day is on Monday so it's a holiday).  We'll be able to finish it all in that time.

Here is a gratuitous Baby D pic...complete with einstein wacky are welcome! 

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Rebecca said...

Word has it Einstein had shoe problems and your little Einstein? Looks like there are shoe problems. Cute