Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Grandma and D.

Claire enjoying the hammock!  Wish we had one!

Lucky the chick.

A dog that seemed to belong to the hotel, was a lovely friendly little guy!

The sun felt soooo good!

Our morning ritual was to go for a beach walk and visit Diane at the outside cafe.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I just got back from a two week holiday with my mom and the two youngest kids from Cuba.  I feel like there was so much to process.  Such a beautiful country.  But so much hardship.  Will post pictures in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

my bambinos

Yesterday I went to my youngest daughters school gymnastics meet.  We ran into one of my older son's previous 5th grade teacher.  "Another one?", she asked, motioning to Baby D.  Yes.  I know it's a little unusual to have kids with giant age gaps between (the oldest is 25, 20,19, 7 and 18 months).  Two marriages is the simplest answer.  I have found that as I've matured my parenting has evolved.  I think I enjoy the younger ones more, I am easier with them, laugh more, more relaxed. The older ones were always there to enjoy but I was busy with life a lot (and single parenting and everything else).  I am more conscious of parenting now . Thankfully, I also have more time to do this. My oldest son brought some house listings over on the weekend for me to go through. And talk about.  Holy crap, imagine that, a homeowner! How amazing is that?  Here is a photo the kids gave me for mother's day a couple of years ago (they surprised me with it, didn't even know they had taken it).  It was pre Baby D. so I'm going to ask that I get an updated version including him in the next little while.  Can't figure quite out how to hook up the scanner to the laptop so it's a photo of the photo...thus the poor quality...forgive me!

Totally unrelated -  A kid's shoe store in our area was going out of business and I picked up these size 7 toddler Blundstone's. 80% off! bringing the cost down to an awesome $20-.  I tried them on D. this morning to see how they fit (still a little big).  Disregard the backwards couch pillows, pillows were needed for forts, and didn't notice till now that they were returned a little haphazardly!
Completely unrelated, again.  I got this awesome frame from my Mom over the weekend.  Think I'm going to put a mirror in it.