Wednesday, March 02, 2011

my bambinos

Yesterday I went to my youngest daughters school gymnastics meet.  We ran into one of my older son's previous 5th grade teacher.  "Another one?", she asked, motioning to Baby D.  Yes.  I know it's a little unusual to have kids with giant age gaps between (the oldest is 25, 20,19, 7 and 18 months).  Two marriages is the simplest answer.  I have found that as I've matured my parenting has evolved.  I think I enjoy the younger ones more, I am easier with them, laugh more, more relaxed. The older ones were always there to enjoy but I was busy with life a lot (and single parenting and everything else).  I am more conscious of parenting now . Thankfully, I also have more time to do this. My oldest son brought some house listings over on the weekend for me to go through. And talk about.  Holy crap, imagine that, a homeowner! How amazing is that?  Here is a photo the kids gave me for mother's day a couple of years ago (they surprised me with it, didn't even know they had taken it).  It was pre Baby D. so I'm going to ask that I get an updated version including him in the next little while.  Can't figure quite out how to hook up the scanner to the laptop so it's a photo of the photo...thus the poor quality...forgive me!

Totally unrelated -  A kid's shoe store in our area was going out of business and I picked up these size 7 toddler Blundstone's. 80% off! bringing the cost down to an awesome $20-.  I tried them on D. this morning to see how they fit (still a little big).  Disregard the backwards couch pillows, pillows were needed for forts, and didn't notice till now that they were returned a little haphazardly!
Completely unrelated, again.  I got this awesome frame from my Mom over the weekend.  Think I'm going to put a mirror in it.

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Rebecca said...

I went to church with a girl who has what she refers to as "Two only children". The first was 20 when she gave birth to the second. She was 20 when she gave birth to her first. And easy math problem, 40 when she gave birth to the second one. Her second is now about 20. She is...drummer roll please.......60!