Saturday, February 19, 2011


I was lucky enough to win a photo from Sperlygirl's blog ( . Yesterday it arrived.  Not only was the package chock full of creativity...but the photo itself beautiful...and she included another serendipitous one as well.  If you love beautiful photos...(some really wonderful heart images too!)....for yourself or a friend, I recommend her.  I took a photo (of the photos...I know!) so you could check out how it all arrived, how perfectly packaged it was, made it look even more special.  Her photos are available on etsy...and there is a link on her blog to etsy.  Go look!

Completely unrelated but going on today...every corner/counter/floor area is covered with stuff.or dog hair, or stuff with dog hair on dining room table is an example (actually not a very truthful photo...because flowers aren't really clutter...but I can't really show you other areas or you will call the Hoarders show to nominate me.  And am I cleaning right now? No, I'm about to go out with kids to buy a birthday present for a child who's party my daughter is going to at 12 today.  I totally forgot about it.  Life....

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