Wednesday, February 23, 2011

thrift store jewelry

I saw a post on Dime Store Thrift declaring a new found (or old but resurfacing!)  love of clip on earrings found thrifting.  I love checking out the display cases full of sometimes weird often wonderful thrify jewelry!  Here is some of my treasured pieces. 

 The mama/baby duck necklace came with earrings and is an old Avon set. 
The cup, a newly found thrifted item, is being inspected to see how well the googled method of toothpaste on silver cleaning works.  Although it doesn't sparkle as well as silver polish, it passed inspection.  Cheerios are in bottom of cup to celebrate.  Also the inspector can now climb up on chair at counter height (will we all live through this stage is still in question).


Rebecca said...

Sweet little inspector!

Anonymous said...

This child's curly top is just beautiful!

youwannawhat said...

thanks rebecca!

and his hair is kind of curly in front, party in back...but i haven't been able to cut it worried that it will be the end of curls!

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for that duck necklace! I had the same necklace when I was a baby. Is there any chance you would sell it? I know it's just an old Avon necklace but it would mean a lot to me. My email address is Thanks!

Nel Lee said...

I love that Duck family necklace by Avon! It's a very rare piece from 70s. Wish I had one!