Friday, February 11, 2011


I have only had two dogs in my life, Rogan, who we were lucky enough to have for about 10 years (r.i.p.!)...and now MAX.  Max is about 3 years old.  We didn't wait too long getting Max after Rogan died, maybe about 4 months.  The house seemed much emptier without a dog so we decided to look around.  Todd really wanted a Shepherd, and Rogan had been a shepherd/collie cross, I didn't have a problem with the breed, I just thought the dark haired shephards looked scary.  Think it's because shephards kind of keep the same expression on their faces all the time, sure their ears move around lots...but they don't have a lot of expressions like other breeds (are you rolling your eyes yet?  at my analysing dog expressions?  Anyway, we found Max through way of kijiji.  The previous owners said that they got Max because they had an older dog that was ill.  They wanted to never go through that dogless state.  Unfortunately the older dog didn't appreciate the company.  So they decided to sell him.  He was living in a home about an hour from our house.  He was house trained.  The adjustment was easy for all of us. He has giant ears and feet, when we got (he was about 4 months old) everyone who saw him kept saying, "he is going to be huge, look at those feet". But no, he never really grew into the ears and feet, they are still oversize!   He is loving, gentle and good with the kids.  A perfect family dog.  Love you Max!

Declan squirrel watching this morning.  Those jammies kill me.  They remind me of something Hugh Hefner would wander around in.  Although Declan's are fuzzy...and Hugh's I'm sure are silky!

Yes...completely unrelated pics.

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