Thursday, February 24, 2011


 This faux cuckoo clock was from Decoylab a couple of years ago.  Just checked and it's still available.
 Got this from Canadian Tire, it's big and in our kitchen.  No excuse to be late for anything with that giant staring at you!  And hello...that's me in the reflection...can you tell I haven't even brushed my hair yet...went to the bus stop with child in the morning in a crazy messy bun..the shame!
 Good will find...picked out by Claire a year's alarm sound is a very odd pig snort.
Lounging on the floor.  Always mismatching foot wear.  This time it's actually his own footwear (he appropriates the entire family's shoes!)

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Rebecca said...

Love the shoes and the clocks? Reminded me of a teacher at my sons school that has a purse (rather large purse) with a big old clock that WORKS! on the side. It's awesome.