Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Cat

the cat came not the very next day...but the cat came back....

So, longest cat story ever.  My second oldest son and his girlfriend took the cat, bought all the cat gear.  Then 12 hours later decided it wasn't the cat for them.  They took cat to the Humaine Society were they were misinformed that the cat could live there until it was adopted.  Today they recieved a call that the cat would be put to sleep at 10 am.  I quickly called back and said I would take it back.  I didn't rescue it from a busy 4 lane road to be put to sleep a week later.  The cat will be delivered back safe and sound (hopefully) this evening.  It is not an easy going cat.  It was very skinny when I found it.  It growls and hisses a little. Whatever happened to the little girlie wasn't all good that is for sure.   I hope this cat will work out with us.  It definately was settling in. Getting more and more affecionate by the day (I had it for 4 days).  I am worried that being locked in a cage will definately be a setback for the poor little thing.   My own cat isn't very cat friendly, prefers to be the One and Only.  I hope we all can adjust.  For the record, I would not have brought it there.  I would have kept it here until I had found it a forever home (as they say).  It was not a decision that I made.  Live and learn. 

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