Sunday, May 29, 2011

things going on

I have to get in a better rythum with this blog thing. I find life so busy I don't post.  But the reason I want to have a blog is so that I remember life as it is.  Quandry.

a lazy method...bullets!

-Claire celebrated her first Communion last Sunday, was a wonderful day
-unfortunately our fridge died that morning (it has been fixed 4 times in the 6 years we have had it, we waved the white surrender flag to it and bought a new one)
-plants agrowing like crazy in the much rain
-I am seriously losing the war on creeping charlie and method I'm trying is spraying on borax, sugar doesn't seem to be doing anything
-today I'm going to Stratford for a garden party with my Mom
-Oldest son has moved home temporarily until he gets possession of his own home (in June)...oldest Son is sooo funny!
-we got an above ground pool from some friends that no longer want it....Am so excited about it!

Little pieces of life.


Rebecca said...

I thought that Borax was for bugs? I have been spreading Boric Acid all over the place and so far my plants are okay. It seems to keep the bugs at bay though. Thank Goodness

Comment back on my blog so I know more about your creeping charlie and borax story. Also, we used to get creeping charlie in our old yard and that you have to fertilize in the fall big time and then again right before spring and just keep it up....

youwannawhat said...

apparently if you mix borax with water and spray on plants it kills the have to make sure it doesn't get sprayed on anything else...lots on info on google about it!...will let you know if it helps with the weeds...opps...will comment more on your blog about it! (just saw your second paragraph)!