Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the cat

So there is a cat hiding in my bathroom.  Pretending that she (I think it's a she) can't be seen.  Tucked very visibly beside a cupboard and a tupperware container full of kitty litter (we have the kitty litter in there for our own cat). 
The day began innocently enough.  I asked Hannah to stay with Declan so I could go on a pesticide search .  We have a serious case on the front yard of creeping charlie.  And I am slowly but oh so surely getting to be a weirdo lawn person trying to eradicate all forms of green other than grass on the lawn. It isn't going well. Yes, I am so very very very old.  Anyway.  In Ontario we now have serious anti-pesticide laws that allow only for a small number of killing weed products.  And I have read every single article on the internet  about what I should use to kill the c.c. with (I noticed in my reading that serious gardeners and lawn people sometime abbreviate the creeping charlie with the c.c. and as I am following this road allow me to copy them. please.)...So I had a handy dandy list of products with me that the Internet said works.  The Internet is always right.  Right?  Ended up going to three lawn care centers.  No go.  Was heading home to regroup.  Actually to take back over parental duties.  And what to my wondering eyes should I see?  A cat on a 4 lane busy street army crawling.  I actually had only seen it army crawl the last lane and crouching down at the curb.  Once, years ago I watched a cat get hit.  I had pulled my car over and petted it talking to it till it died.  I was a giant heaving mess.  I love cats.  But I had to stay with it because I thought how horrible it would be for an animal to die without any comfort.  I tried my best to comfort it (another person was running around knocking on doors trying to find the owner). 
I pulled into the supermarket that was right beside the curb where the cat was crouching.  I went to it.  I couldn't tell if it had been hit or not.  I was nervous picking it up.  Worried it would turn on me.  But knowing that I couldn't leave it there.  It didn't move much when I picked it up.  But it had frightened giant green eyes that were flicking around everywhere.  I brought it to car and put it down in the passenger seat.  It crawled beside the door.  Good sign.  It moved on its own.  I brought it home.  It is pretty shaken up.  I tried petting it.  It will let me.  I decided to let it wander the house (all doors on rooms are shut).  I'll let you know what happens.

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