Sunday, April 17, 2011


It's really chilly today, terrible rumours of possible snow on the radio last night (what's with that?!!). 

I went to Stratford on friday night to stay with my mom while Todd worked on the linen closet.  Currently there is piles and piles of linen in the living room waiting for their newly organized space.  The linen closet is in the new addition part of the house and until now didn't have any shelves.  Things were stacked up in garbage bags (quite a decorator look I must say, kind of a de-constructed thing).  Actually I hated it, it bothered me and bothered me.  But there are about a catrillion zillion (yes, that's a real number) other projects to do first.  So the linen closet waited.  Yesterday I came home home to a closet with shelves ....SHELVES and DOORS! Can hardly wait to organize it all....if not to just get rid of the visual caos all the linens have caused in the living room.  Anyway it looks like it will be done today.

Opps...Heavy D. in serious need of a diaper back later!

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