Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lots going on

I'm fighting a terrible cold.  On the weekend I wanted to lie down and veg.  All weekend.  I couldn't.  Admittingly I did  a lot.  But what with life.  It didn't happen all weekend.  I had asked that all the kids join us for dinner on Sunday.  I love having them all together, but it doesn't happen a lot.  Not nearly enough.  So what I decided was to have a regular set date once a month for a family dinner (my oldest son doesn't live at home, and the next oldest son just moved out).  It was wonderful.  My eldest daughter cooked it all.  Which essentially just made me an attendee!  A very happy well fed one! 

In other news I purchased a very nice Little Tikes climber from kijiji. I do prefer wooden climber sets.  But the price was right.  And my SO has so many other home projects on the go, I can't add a climber at this point.  We set it up, pretty easily. 

Yesterday Declan and I went to Michaels and got some cute Easter decorations and I made a wreath for the front door.  It was fun to do.  And my helper...aka... the de-sembler liked the process too!  After much basement looking high and low for the door hanger to attach the wreath to, I remembered I had a 3M command hook.  Awesome!  It's up.

Also over the weekend Declan was sitting in a very low kid's chair, he managed to fall and hit his eye on the corner of the table.  I tried to put ice on it immediately.  The child would not have it.  So he is walking around with a shiner.  I feel like I need to explain to all we come in contact with this particular child's penchant for danger (extreme climbing...fearless kind of guy!)...but it really was a fluke fall with an unfortuante result.  My poor baby!

Last night I taught Claire how to embroider.  She is working on a very cute pillowcase project.  Will show you our inspiration as well as her beautiful work (!).  Am so glad she is enjoying it!  Embroidery has given me much pleasure. 

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Rebecca said...

I love embroidery. I used to do it when I was younger. May need to pickup the habit again.