Wednesday, June 08, 2011


This morning I went with Big D to a little town just 20 minutes from where I live to go thrifting.  It has an awesome Goodwill and a couple of other smaller stores that proved to be full of great things.  Declan needed some lighter weight p.j.s  and shorts.  One of the non-essentials I found was a really cute single duvet cover.  It is made by Laura Ashley.  Declan will be moving into his own room at the end of June.  I'm looking forward to decorating and setting it up.  He is really into any kind of transportation (ie. trains, planes and automobiles!).  So was thrilled to find the duvet.  There it is at the top of the post.

Also found a dress for Claire that is's by Mexx and it was only $1- (half price for red ticket items today!).

We found this giant Mega blocks dump truck...that in some people's opinion was the best find of the day...and I have had a very quiet afternoon as a result.  Declan is loading it up...and unloading...and waving bye...then going in another room...before returning a second later with the truck. I'm loving the truck too! 
Look at little curly locks in action!  I'm loving his curls...but think we'll trim it slightly for the summer to stay cooler. 

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Rebecca said...

Trimming those beautiful curls won't make him cooler, will it?

Great finds while thrifting!