Friday, December 16, 2011

Picture Dump

I'm tired, this morning started out early, 4am, just woke up and was unable to fall back asleep, then for some reason had a power outage for a couple of  hours, came back on around 7am.  The house actually looked pretty all lit with candle light while it lasted.  I did notice that I really don't have alot of options for candle lite things to do. I considered wrapping Christmas presents then realised that although it isn't taxing work, gathering all the necessary items to wrap is tricky in the semi-dark (involves heading down into the basement abyss).
We got D. a little guitar for Christmas because he is doing a lot of this, supervised, since the instruments we have aren't intended for his extreme rock star kind of handling. this is him playing Todd's while Todd watches apprehensively close by. I bought his own guitar at toys r us for $30- after pricing out the smallest ones available from a music store cost $130-. Surprisingly toys r us offered some kind of guarantee for breakage to the guitar if it becomes damaged.  We'll see if the stand by it when this happens.  Not if.  Declan subscribes to the school of rock and roll and punk like this:

Here is our other little guitarist in action, singing while Todd plays is really more her thing, but anytime she asks about a note or wants any direction on her guitar I think it's awesome.
Our little kitten is turning into a big kitten, please excuse all the dirt in the sliding door frame, I didn't even know it was there until I looked at this photo.  Honestly the floors are cleaned annually. 
Another cat photo ('cuse I'm a cat weirdo) of the cat helping decorate the house for Christmas.

Claire got her hair cut short and we are donating it.  Here is her newest hairstyle.  She loves it.  The photo was taken last night at her school's Christmas concert.  Which is oddly a very lacklustre event.
The last photo is a very untimely Halloween shot.  Claire was Frankenstein's bride.  We looked on youtube to get insight into cosmetic and hair tips.  It is an awesome place, the internets.


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