Thursday, October 06, 2011

Play Groups

We've been attending play groups hosted by the Ontario government.  I'm always torn about going.  Little D. is strictly home with me and due to our extreme age difference...I'm not really his peer group.  So I think it doesn't hurt to go to group things that he can witness other kids and their antics.  Problem is...I'm not big on going.  I end up following him around playing with him...basically what we do at home together (although I have lots of play breaks interment with mundane things like cleaning and laundry).   I never talk to other mamas, well not any kind of real talk.  I just don't have it in me to talk about teething, cloth vs. plastic diapers and nursing.  It's not like I'm above all that kind of stuff.  But well....D. is my fifth...and frankly I'm just not interested in talking about it a lot.  I mentioned this to my oldest daughter and she told me that I don't have a friendly face (who knew!!).  I'm going to keep going because D. loves the circle time, he spends his time dragging mini chairs to the parameter of the circle...and claps his hands a lot.  I think he might be a musical clapping prodigy.  Anyway.  Guess we'll keep going...and I'm going to work on my friendly face.   A completely unrelated photo...except don't beluga whales have lovely faces?  Half of my Marineland photos are of the belugas, they were extremely engaging, not sure if we need 25 photos of the belugas for our personal photo collections though.

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