Monday, September 26, 2011

The Craft Area

The Craft Area ('s capatalized...because it's A Very Important Area), doesn't actually exist right now.  It really never has.  In my old house I kept craft stuff in boxes in a designated spot in the basement.  It was always a pain.  I never knew where anything was.  Go figure.  The box system was unsuccessfull.  Really not much of a surprise.  Now in the this house, I still don't have a craft room.  I will eventually.  When my oldest daughter moves out.  That will be the room.  It's an upstairs attic room, with charming sloped walls and white painted floors.  Todd and I had many heated debates about that floor, I really really wanted white floors.  The floor is actually just the subfloor and is a rough grade of pine.  The slats aren't tightly spaced and stuff collects.  Still I won the white floor debate, I told Todd that it was going to be "my" room and that if he didn't want me to decorate the garage he was going to have to give in on white floors.  I'm in no hurry to have my daughter move out.  So it could be quite a while before I have an area.  I embroider.  I want to start quilting.  I have lots of really neat stuff to do tons of other crafty stuff.  But I'm still on the inefficient box system.  I would show you pictures, but I'm too embarrassed.  I've decided I'm going to set up an area in the unfinished part of the basement.  I have a large desk and there is shelving available.  Posting this will (hopefully) help motivate me to start working on this.  Pinterest and a million blogs have such inspiring rooms to drool over!  Here are a few I've been collecting for inspiration.  I am under no delusions that my own area will look half as pretty as any of them.  I'm setting up in an unfinished basement.  However, there isn't any reason not to try!

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